Ray Clifton

I am a forester by profession.  I have spent a large portion of my life roaming the woods and back roads of Alabama.  There are stories here.  Stories worth telling.  Sometimes they come from memories of the sunny slopes of yesterday.  Other times they just fall right out of the sky, dropped in my lap by the people I meet and the places I visit today.

The writing you’ll find here is as much a mixture as the stories of the people and the places.  Creative nonfiction and prose poetry.  An odd-ball fiction piece every now and then.

I appreciate the time you spent reading this and all the other little stories and observations you’ll find here.

Stop by when you can.  You and I can sit on my virtual back porch, and I’ll tell you a tale about the good people and places in Alabama.

“Follows” and “Likes” are greatly appreciated.  It’s always nice to know someone’s reading what I’m writing.












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