A friend of mine wrote a short piece about a Parhelion, which I had never heard of.  You should read it here.

In our subsequent email conversation about the phenomenon, she wrote that she was surprised that her local newspaper didn’t have a photo.

I’m not.

I’d wager that nobody down at the paper saw it.

I don’t think anyone looks at the sky much anymore.  They’re too busy looking at their phone.

Not too long ago, I had a conversation with a thirtysomething man out on a timber yard.  I happened to notice that a full moon was rising.

“Look at that,” I said.  “It is going to be bright tonight.  My dogs will bark all night if I don’t put them up.”

“Wow,” he said.  “I didn’t know you could see the moon in the daytime.”

I didn’t know what to make of that.  Still don’t.

We weren’t in New York or L.A.  This is Alabama, where we still have plenty of sky to go ’round.  This young man is well-educated and spends a lot of his working life outdoors.

Apparently he doesn’t look up much.

A lot of people think we are living in the greatest time in history.  I reckon there is some truth in that notion.  Technology has information at our fingertips, 24/7.

Still, I can’t help but wonder where things are headed when people stop looking at the sky.

18 thoughts on “Moonstruck

  1. Due to upcoming work, our upstairs terraza’s partial roof has been removed. It will stay that way for a few weeks more. Before heading downstairs to beddy-bye each night I enjoy stepping out there and looking up. The stars are quite visible here, which is more than I could say when I lived in Houston where no stars were visible ever.

    “I don’t think anyone looks at the sky much anymore. They’re too busy looking at their phone.” That’s a good one, and true.

    1. I get a nice view when I’m out in the country. Less so in a town much smaller than Houston.

      I don’t know how bad this constant phone gazing is down your way, but it’s an epidemic here. I’ve got some more ranting to do on the subject in my next post.

  2. Nothing better than walking out where there are no artificial lights, and looking up to the sky. Moon or not, something very awe inspiring about the view. Doesn’t take long to put your phone down and feel the issues of the day recede. Thanks, Ray!

  3. I think there are plenty of us sky gazers out and about still. With all the hype and excitement of past and present super moons, solar eclipses, lunar eclipses both partial and full, there remains a strong interest in our visible universe with some. But, when we talk with someone who has no concept of what’s great and wonderful every night, right above their heads, it makes us shake ours. Yes, keep your pups safe inside on those full and brightly lit howling nights to come. And thanks Ray for the plug on my simple write! Still nothing in the newsprint as of today. I shake my head as well.

    1. Leisa, there are a lot of star gazers, but I’m troubled by this cell phone thing (I’ll have more to write about that soon). Hope you get some hits on your piece.

      1. I did get hits…a new follower too. Thanks so much. I must practice more and explore what WP can do. Regarding cell phone gazing..last summer at our little county fair I was knocked down by a teenage girl reading her cell phone while she walked. She did not see me and I was looking away when she smacked into me. Not so much as an apology or stop to help me up. Either she didn’t care or hadn’t a clue as to what had just happened. And it’s so easy to spot a driving texter. I’ll look forward to reading your cell phone rant.

      2. Expect more “hits” today. I think WP does something funky with email followers — I don’t think they get a piece right when it’s published.

  4. I am in totally agreement on the damages done due to cell phone use. People are losing communication skills. I noted that constant cell phone users talk very rapidly. Grammar school students need to be taught people skills. As a great grandmother who is also the designated driver I pick up 1 adult and 2 children from school often and the minute they get in the car 3 phones go into action. I am but a taxi service.
    I have a huge bedroom window and I love the silence of the night as well as the beauty of the moon to relax my mind. In Houston I do not see the clarity that I see in small town Texas. Minus the industrial chemical plants and the heavy freeways in East Texas I see the moon and the stars. Thank you Ray

    1. Thanks for that. I think the smart phone is/has ruined a lot of things. I’m not through writing about it.

      I’ve never been to Houston, but I am a huge Astros fan – watch them almost every night during the season.

      1. Yes, me too. I try to take my oldest son to Atlanta at least once a year when the Cubs are in town (his favorite team). Tickets run $75+/each. I don’t know how young families are able to go.

  5. I had to smile to myself yesterday. I was on the phone…A REAL TELEPHONE… talking with a sweet gal in a call center, and she called me Miss Leisa. Not once, but at least 8 times. Such an enduring term from the south. Just as we were ending our conversation I asked her where she was at. Alabama. Oh my. Loved it!

    1. That’s funny, but it is not unusual. Many of us were taught that as children, and it stuck. I still say “Yes Sir/Ma’am” and “Mr./Ms.” to people older than me.

  6. Ray – I haven’t gotten an email notifying me of a new post for several months, so I went straight to your site and found that, no, you haven’t quit writing! I’m all caught up now on the posts I missed and have signed up again to be a follower. Don’t know what happened but glad you’re still at it.

  7. Thank you. I haven’t written anything lately, but I hope to get back at it soon.

    I’m not sure what happened on the “follower” issue. The only thing I can figure is that I changed a setting somehow that time you made a comment and then asked me to take it down. Regardless, it’s great to have you back.

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